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Mr. Nugget Publisher's Corner

We're glad you're interested in our new game Mr. Nugget. Here you'll find all the information we have to share with you about it.


You can download the pitch deck on PDF or view it online.

You can also review the production plan.

If you have any questions or are interested feel free to get in touch with Fran to schedule a call for further discussion.

Concept Art

Here are some videos showing our vision of how the game should look, this is not the art you'll find in the prototype, because our art exploration has been done after the prototype. You can watch them full screen by hovering and clicking the full screen icon.



Gameplay Prototype

You can now download a windows build of our prototype.

What to expect/What's missing:

If you have any questions regarding the demo please don't be afraid of getting in touch by email. Enjoy!